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    Hi, I work at a law firm and we have a client that gave us all of their GW mailboxes in Archive To Go format. We need to be able to search across multiple mailboxes for multiple terms, create subsets of the messages and attachments that hit on those search terms, and then either print or database that subset. I don’t see any way to do that with these Archive To Go DVDs we’ve received. Has anyone been able to do any customization or found any software that will allow us to work with this file format? Or are we stuck searching for one phrase at a time, in one mailbox at a time, clicking on each hit and printing it? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    The current release of Archive To Go (A2Go) is not designed for multi-mailbox search and iterative discovery export. While we were aware of these needs during the design of A2Go 1.x, we had to schedule their inclusion in a future release.

    You can use advanced search within a single mailbox archive. The advanced logic search capabilties are documented in the help manual.

    While we cannot address your main requirements now, if you write directly to support@advansyscorp.com, we would be happy to consider what may be possible, if anything, in the interim.

    Just as background, GWAVA Reveal enables cross-mailbox search on mailboxes within the live GroupWise system. GWAVA Reveal integrates with Archive To Go to provide off-line export capabilities. However, I realize that this is not useful in your situation because you already have multiple export DVDs.


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