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    I’ve purchased and installed personalized email pack and it performs the personalization I’m interested in. However I’m looking to have more decision logic that determines who the personalized email is sent to based on address book fields. It appears that I can only send to entire address books with manual exclusions. One example of this would be to send a birthday greeting only to address book entries whose birthday field (month and day) matches today’s date. My user base is telling me these options are available in outlook. I’d like to offer these options via GroupWise. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    Thanks for your suggestions. We have added your enquiry to the enhancement database for future review.

    Please note, in GroupWise you can not easily access the Bithday field as the field type is reserved. The Personalized Emailer will not show the Bithday field in available fields list because of the field type. However, there is a work-around to access the Birthday field but we need to decide the particality to use the work-around in commercial solution which require to provide the GroupWise user name, password, etc.

    We have reported this limitation to Novell some time ago and we will raise the issue again.

    See the following thread about more information relate to the Birthday property:

    Advansys Support

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