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    When you try to start the Archive To Go Viewer, or when viewing a message or folder, you may see one of the following errors:

    Error 1

    Viewer cannnot open this file:
    C:\Documents and Settings...4633B7C0.CBSDO2.CBSPO3.100.1643164.1.81EB.1.fml
    Error at line 110, position 11.
    Invalid Unicode character.

    Error 2

    The folder metadata file could not be loaded.

    Error 3

    Cannot load file:
    file:///C:/Archives/jcitizen Archive/media-01/_metadata/00000002.xml
    [0xC00CE51F] line 8236, position 91: Invalid unicode character.


    This means there are invalid or unprintable characters in the file (XML/FML), which should not normally happen.


    To help address this type of problem we have a new utility available, the Advansys Portable Message Cleaner, to clean up problem characters from FML or XML files.

    The utility lets you select the problem file, and it can create a backup of the file prior to cleaning it.

    You can download the Advansys Portable Message Cleaner from here:


    To use the utility, please follow the steps below:

    1. Close Archive To Go Viewer and install Advansys Portable Message Cleaner.

    2. Start Advansys Portable Message Cleaner and select the problem file, if Error 1 or Error 3 was shown.

    3. To fix Error 2, follow these steps:

    • Write down the name of the folder that Viewer is unable to display. If the error appears when you start Viewer, the folder is Mailbox.
    • Use a text editor to open mailbox.xml, located in the archive folder:…media-01_metadatamailbox.xml
    • Search for the folder name (eg. ”Development” in the example below) to find text that looks like:
      <folder name="Development" id="45AF2D6E.GGGG.HBCCR-PO.100.XXXX.1.1B64.1" type="egwPersonalFolder"
      shared="egwNotShared" index="0000000c.xml" />

      Notice the value of index, ie. “0000000c.xml”. This is the name of a file which is located in the archive folder (…media-01_metadata).

    • Use the utility to select the XML file identified above.


    • Make sure that problem files and their containing folder are not read-only. To see whether a file/folder is read-only, open a context menu on the file/folder and select Properties from the context menu.
    • If the archive data is on a read-only storage medium (eg. CD, DVD) then you will need to copy it to a read/write storage medium (eg. local or network hard disk drive, Flash Drive, etc) prior to using the utility.

    If the problem persists or you have further questions on this topic, please contact us by email (support@advansyscorp.com).

    Advansys Support

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