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      We have eight (8) post offices in our environment and Enterprise access works on all of them except one. We’ve compared the settings of the post office in question to the other working post offices and cannot figure out why Enterprise access isn’t working on that post office. Any ideas? When we try to access a mailbox in that post office we get the following message…

      Archive To Go could not log in to the mailbox of account, “ADAMSS1”.

      To resolve this issue, you may wish to consider the following:

      Has the Trusted Application object synchronized throughout your GroupWise system? This can take some time.

      Will the command line arguments “/ph-\gwpo5g$po5” give you access to this account? You may need to review the POA settings for this account.

      Is the account locked or disabled?

      If you have multiple eDirectory Trees within your network, you may need to authenticate to all Trees.

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        Thanks for your post.

        Considering you can archive accounts from all other Post Offices, except one, which indicate the issue could be incorrect Post Office connection details or some other Post Office settings.

        Have you provided correct Post Office connection details in Archive To Go? See comments below from Users Guide, for more information see pages 22 – 28.


        The configuration of Post Office Connection Properties can be critical to the operation of Enterprise Access mode. If you find that Archive To Go fails to login to the target account’s mailbox, check that you have the correct connection details specified for each system Post Office.

        You can specify the Post Office connections by a direct mapped volume, UNC path or by specifying its TCP/IP information. The Post Office path option is likely to provide the best export performance.

        In order to modify Post Office connection details, in “Account Selection” wizard page, press “Edit…” next to “Select a GroupWise system” to display the Systems Manager dialog.

        Hope this helps.

        Advansys Support

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          Yes, the correct Post Office connection details are in place. I suspect the problem is on the GroupWise side, like a corrupt database or something. We already tried recovering the Post Office without any improvement. We are now planning to schedule a rebuilt. Here’s something I noticed this morning that’s different about this Post Office compared to the others…

          I noticed that every post office that works has a “gwpo.dc” file and a “wphost.dc” file in the directory but this one does not.

          Can you give me anymore insight or suggestions based on this information? Any help is greatly appreciated.



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            Hi Sean,

            It sounds like you are probably onto the right track because we are not aware of a known problem which would affect Archive To Go in this manner.

            As we tend to focus on the developer and API side of the process, unfortunately, admininistration of the PO structure and potential corruption is not our area of expertise.

            We recommend contacting a GroupWise specialist partner. Another resource is the NGW List, where admins discuss GroupWise issues (http://www.ngwlist.com). You can obtain a searchable history of the NGW List digests, which we update periodically, from here: http://www.advansyscorp.com/atg-groupwise-resource-archive.htm.

            Kind Regards,

            Advansys Support

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