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    I would like to replace the send button on the email message toolbar with a new button representing my applet which will then call the send mail function. Could you send me a sample applet which replaces a button on the message tool bar.

    Please note that I do not want to simply add a button to the end of the tool bar, I would like to replace the send button.

    My email address is adnanhaqqani@hotmail.com

    Thanks, you guys have been a great help!

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    I gather you refer to GroupWise 6.5, which has a Send button on the message view toolbar. Unlike earlier versions, there is no longer a column of Action buttons (including Send) on the right-hand side.

    It is not possible to automate the removal/addition of toolbar buttons on this GroupWise View, whether using Formativ or some other GroupWise C3PO (Custom 3rd Party Object). This is because GroupWise does not expose APIs to do so.

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    I don’t know if this makes a difference but
    I was referring to the small buttons along the top of your email message dialog. The row of buttons at the top, not the ones along the side.

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    Unfortunately no, it doesn’t make a difference. There is currently no programmatic way using Formativ to remove existing, GroupWise controlled buttons from any toolbar in GroupWise. You may disable the functionality behind the buttons, but not remove the physical buttons themselves.


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