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      What is the exact format for using the parameter switches in the addon.cfg file? I have tried using the text listed below, but the software will not register itself. It will install just fine and I can register it afterwards using the registration utility, but I want it to register as part of the installation.

      Parameters=/s /r=(serial number)

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        The exact format is:

        formativruntime /s /r-ABC123ABC123

        where ABC123ABC123 is the registration code, exactly as you received it. The only difference between your syntax and the one above is that you are using and equals sign ‘=’ rather than a dash ‘-‘ character.

        If for some reason the approach does not work, you may wish to try the one below. We have checked your customer record and you did receive a license file.

        Licence Files and Installation Programs

        Licence files may be used in conjunction with Formativ setup programs to register both Formativ and supported solutions automatically during installation. To use this facility, ensure your licence file(s) is/are located in the same folder as the setup program you are executing.

        When you execute a Formativ setup program, which supports automatic license copying (currently all version 2.0 product and solution pack installations supplied by Advansys), the setup program checks for the existence of licence files in the same folder as the installer. If found, the licence files are copied automatically to the Formativ System directory. When the GroupWise client next starts, Formativ processes licence files found in the System directory automatically.

        For example, suppose you are supplied with a licence file called formativ.lic, which happens to contain licensing information for both Formativ Runtime and the Formativ Presentation Pack. By ensuring formativ.lic is in the same folder as the Formativ Runtime setup program, it would be copied to the Formativ System directory automatically when the installation runs. When Formativ Runtime is executed upon GroupWise startup, both Runtime and the Presentation Pack are registered automatically.

        I hope this helps.


        Advansys Support

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