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    We have received a few reports about using Message Saver with GroupWise 8.0.1 (build number: 88138, build date: 8/26/2009):

    • The GroupWise client hangs or closes unexpectedly.
    • A ‘ntdll.dll’ error message appears.

    This happens when saving a large batch of messages.

    The behavior occurs when Message Saver uses the GroupWise Token API to save message properties. We cannot reproduce this behavior in GroupWise 7.0.3, and have reported this issue to Novell. We will post updates on this issue here.

    In the meantime, you can use Message Saver 2.0.7 to exclude message properties. You can download the applet from here:


    You will need to save the updated version above to the default Formativ Applets folder, usually:

    C:Documents and Settings[Windows User Name]My DocumentsAdvansysFormativApplets

    We strongly recommend that you backup the existing version of the Message Saver applet into another folder prior to updating.

    Notes on Message Saver 2.0.7

    • New hotkey F12.
    • New setting ‘SaveMessageProperties’ in the INI file specifies the default operation.
      – Initial value is ‘SaveMessageProperties=1’ (include message properties); this is set when using Message Saver 2.0.7 the first time.
      – The INI file is stored in the Formativ Config folder, usually:

      C:Documents and Settings[Windows User Name]Local SettingsApplication DataAdvansysFormativ1.0ConfigMessage Saver_Flexalock.INI

    • Pressing F12 when executing Message Saver will do the following:
      – Exclude message properties if SaveMessageProperties=1.
      – Include message properties if SaveMessageProperties=0.

      In other words, F12 will make Message Saver do the opposite of the INI file setting.

    • You will need to edit the INI file manually to change the value of SaveMessageProperties. Pressing F12 will not change the INI file.

    Advansys Support

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