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    At the end of our emails is a bunch of PA information (Sender, Dept., Classification, Repository., etc, …) As an email gets Forwarded/Replied To this “PA list” at the end of the email chain gets longer and longer. When we print the email, all this information gets prnted as well. Any way to use Formativ to suppress this info from being printed ?

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    It may be possible to write a custom Formativ solution to suppress these information before printing. If the message is HTML format, it may make sense to provide a stylesheet (CSS) that renders the content differently. We may also need to print modified message through MS Word, etc as Novell don’t have any API’s available to print directly from GroupWise.

    Unfortunately our custom development resources are assigned to other projects. We would suggest you contact a Formativ development partner, one of which should be able to assist. You can access the full list at:



    Advansys Support

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