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    I am using client 7.0.2. The problem began when attempting to open an email message, which was a spam summary, the client immediately locked up and stopped responding.

    After troubleshooting, we realized this did not happen in our WebAccess mailbox and also did not happen while viewing in plain text. Only crashed in html.

    Looking at the message, there appeared to be some foreign language with strange characters that the groupwise must have not been able to translate. By going to the message through the web, I copied the text and tried to paste it in the client in a new mail message. After a delayed response, the copied subject line was turned into over 30,000 characters and unable to mail.

    The text was as follows: ×ֶxCAז÷x8EZמתNx9A®:xDAnz־.÷x
    This is how it looked from the message anyway.

    Is there any issues with Groupwise handling other languages and/or is there anything we can do about it.

    The problem being that say if this user gets messages like this once a week, his spam summary will always lock up his client. Or on a larger scale, several GW users get the same spam and no one will be able to view it from their GroupWise client.

    Another interesting thing that happened was when I sent a message with the strange text as the subject line and the word test as the body, the message came into the client with test as the subject and body.

    Sort of stumped here, any information/ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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    We don’t think you can create any GroupWise rules which delete message if subject length exceed some limit. Not sure any option available in ConsoleOne. We will recommend to contact Novell or post a message to the GroupWise forums. Some are listed below:


    Another thought, may be it is possible to delete the message using the Object API when the subject limited exceed. A Formativ applet can be integrate to On Message Arrival and check the subject length of the new message and delete or move accordingly. Hope accessing the spam message with long subject by the API will not lock or hung the GW client.

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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    Thank you for your post. We are not aware of a GroupWise language handling issue which would cause this problem. This question would be best addressed direct with Novell support or, if you are a GroupWise Admin, perhaps the NGWList (http://www.ngwlist.com) would be another avenue.

    Kind Regards,

    Advansys Support

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