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    I downloaded the “Add sender addresses to address book” applet from the coolsolutions website,

    It states that it “adds the sender and recipient e-mail addresses from one or more selected messages into an address book or your choice”.

    However, it seems to stop after the 1st message. Also, it prompts for replacement of existing addresses.

    There is a 2nd applet, which only does the sender, but I also need the CC addresses.

    Does anyone have any solutions to this? Any other ideas? Is the source code for this applet available somewhere?

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    We can provide you the source, please send an email to support (support@advansyscorp.com). It would be most appreciated if you could provide us with any changes that you make to the source. If it is something we feel may be useful to other GroupWise users, we could consider publishing an update to the GroupWise Cool Solutions community.

    Advansys Support

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