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    Just installed on 3/16 or 3/17. Was quite impressed. But today, it’s all gone. Groupwise splash screen shows the Advansys splash. When trying to go to control panel, dialogue says “could not locate formative.” Running on Novell 6.0, Client 4.9, GW 6.5.1. Any ideas ?

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    Thank you for your question above. I am not aware of might cause this to happen – we certainly have no other reports of this happening elsewhere. The fact the splash screen appears, and the control panel applet is still available, yet the message ‘could not locate Formativ’ appears when you access the control panel applet would infer that either the registry entry that points to the location of the main Formativ application has been deleted, or the the actual program file itself is gone. How this migh have happened I don’t know. Out of interest, you may wish to have a look to see if a file called ‘formativ.dll’ appears under ‘C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativ’.

    As a first step I would re-install Formativ Runtime and try again and let us know if anything dissapears again.


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    Thanks. Did complete reload and all is well. Did not however that I had loaded a document comparison program after loading Formative…Deltaview/Workshare. Doubt that had anything to do with it, but something to put in the old troubleshooting database.

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    In the past we’ve had reports of other strange behaviours in Formativ that went away after reinstalling. I’m not familiar with Workshare but the scenario is all too common: installing software on MS Windows breaks an existing software installation.

    Thanks for letting us know how it went.

    Advansys Support

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