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    Hello NG,

    this VB/VBA-Sub is running, yet without display the email-To-adress! :-(

    What am I doing wrong?


    My VBA-sourcecode:

    ‘ GroupWise Object API variables: “GroupWare type library”: gwcma1.dll (Productversion: 14.0.1-118418 filedate 2014-11-13 )

    Dim GWApp As Application7
    Dim GWRootAccount As Account
    Dim GWMessages As Messages3
    Dim m As Message3
    Set GWApp = CreateObject(“NovellGroupWareSession”)
    Set GWRootAccount = GWApp.Login(, “/ph-“)
    If GWApp.LoginError <> 0 Then
    MsgBox “Error: ” & GWApp.LoginError, vbOKOnly Or vbExclamation
    ElseIf Not (GWRootAccount Is Nothing) Then
    Set GWMessages = GWRootAccount.WorkFolder.Messages
    Set m = GWMessages.Add(“GW.MESSAGE.MAIL”, CLng(4))
    m.Subject = “Subject”
    m.ViewName = “Subject”
    m.Recipients.Add “Send@to.com”, “Send@to.com”, 0 ‘ <===== didn’t work!!
    m.BodyText.PlainText = “My Content…”

    REM No send, save in “Work in Progress” (ok)!

    ‘ Dereference global objects
    Set GWApp = Nothing
    Set GWRootAccount = Nothing
    Set GWMessages = Nothing
    Set m = Nothing

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    Support 2

    Thank you for your post. Is it correct that this question is being addressed to Advansys or did you intend to post it in a Novell support forum?

    Kind Regards,

    Advansys Support


    Hello Suppport 2,

    they have been recommended me as an expert to GroupWise.

    If you did not like to answer my problem which of the NOVELL forums you can recommend for my problem formulation?

    Best regards from Germany


    Support 3

    Could you please provide us objective of your solution.

    This is a known behaviour of the Object API, where recipient does not stick to the saved draft message.

    You can use the Token API to create the message (i.e. NewMail, ItemSetText, etc), recipients will be stored to the saved draft message.

    Best Regards,

    Advansys Support

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