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    After archiving mailboxes which have over 1,000 messages, I noticed that not all of the messages have message properties with them. Archive2go seems to skip the properties after about 1,000 messages. is this a known issue? is there anything to be done about this?

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    Thanks for your enquiry.

    The behavior you describe has not been reported previously. However, there is a known issue with message properties being unavailable for shared incoming folders, given the conditions listed below:

    • The affected mailbox is a native/personal GroupWise archive which is included for archiving with the main mailbox and GroupWise is switched to the main mailbox, or
    • The affected mailbox is the main mailbox which is included for archiving with a native/personal GroupWise archive and GroupWise is switched to the native/personal archive.
    • The version of GroupWise is 7.0.2 HP or below (I believe the problem was fixed in 7.0.3).

    The workaround for this is to archive each mailbox by itself, if message properties are required.

    If this does not describe the problem you have found, please send to support@advansyscorp.com the process log file, which you will find in the archive folder (zipped if larger than 200 KB).

    Advansys Support

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