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    I have been running a build on a rather large archive, but I am getting errors on the build (available in the log) and it takes a really long time to complete. The first 12000 items run through properly. But around the 13000 range it bogs down, and the log shows issues. A excerpt of the log files:
    2016-08-04 11:20:11.575-04:00 [E] File not moved after 20 attempts (11.0 sec). File: “C:UserstduvallAppDataLocalTempa2go_creator5374A355.CTY_PTBO.CTY_HALL.100.1313569.1.7370.1.fml”, Destination folder: “D:Nancy Hewittmedia-01data0000002″, GroupWise folder: “Nancy HewittMailbox”:

    The directory or file cannot be created.

    I’m not sure what is causing this issue. There should be no reason that the directory or file cant be created, as the first half of the mailbox processes fine. I’ve run this 4 or 5 times now with the same result. Any suggestions? We are running version I have run archives through this before with no issue.

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