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    When the MultiLineLabelControl was the last control in a NewControlBoxDialog, then
    regardless of how little text I specify, I couldn’t get the MultiLineLabelControl to take up less than about 120 pixels of space.

    Also, being last in the dialog seems to be the trigger for the funky scrollbar if a caption is enabled.

    Set MLLabel = SigDlg.AddMultiLineLabelControl
    with MLLabel
    ‘ .Caption = “MultiLineLabel:”
    .Lines.Text = “Here is some text within the MulitLineLabel Control, which will wrap around when the text reaches the edge of the dialog.”
    .Height = 40
    .CaptionPosition = afvLeft
    .CaptionWidth = iCaptWidth
    end with

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    I can replicate the problem where the control becomes too wide (i.e. the apparent scrollbar issue as reported in your other post), but I can’t replicate the issue where the control is a minimum of 120 pixels high. Are you able to post the full example code which illustrates this problem?

    BTW, if you encapsulate your code by using the Instant UBBCode ‘Code’ button, this will place special codes around your source code to preserve the spaces used in code formatting.


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