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    When I try to run Archive2go finder I get an error “Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.” Process id 0xa28(2600), thread id=0x3fc(1020).
    Windows XP, SP3 on an account with admin and on an account without admin.
    Viewer 1.5 Build 6/4/2008

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    Thanks for reporting this error, which occurs if attempting to execute a .NET application file from a remote location, eg. network folder, when the .NET runtime is not configured to allow this. Please see Running Archive To Go from a network drive, a featured topic on our Hints & Tips forum.

    Advansys Support


    Our organization no longer allows users to use Admin accounts for daily activities. So in my case, I have 2 user accounts. One with Admin, for loading apps, and one without Admin. I am in the process of getting a new computer so I had to reload everything. The Groupwise I loaded Archive2Go in the admin account. The archive was created on my old computer and copied to my new one. The original Groupwise emails are gone.

    I was able to go to Archive viewer from both accounts, and actually run the Indexer from both accounts. I also ran it from the non-Admin account, thinking that the problem was the index was created on the Admin account. But I could not search the Archive from either account.

    From the Admin account I went in and gave the non-Admin account full permission to the archive directory, the Program FilesAdvansys directory and it’s subs and went in to regedit and gave the non-Admin user rights to everything that looked like it might be connected.

    After some more trial and error, I finally found out that if I create the Index with the Admin account and then go to the non-admin account, I was able to view and search.

    I am willing to bet that your solution is much more elegant, and more correct, but while I was waiting for your reply, I kept at it.

    Thanks for your reply. I will pass it on to our IT folks since we just purchased 10 new replacement PCs. I think they’ll be running into this more.

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    Thanks for the additional information.

    If you have a number of machines/users who need to be able to run Indexer/Finder from a remote location, I believe it is possible to configure the .NET runtime so that all users (or a defined group) have such access. This means it is not necessary to repeat the configuration steps for every user.

    I hope this helps.

    Advansys Supporrt

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