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    We performed a test with the LA and the time was set for 7pm Pacific on 7/30/003. When converted using the Ical Converter the time should have changed automatically to 10pm Eastern on 7/30/03; however, it changed to 12:00am on 7/30/03. This is just an example – The times jump all over the place when converted. Can someone help. Thanks

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    Thank you for your question. The applet in question converts both true iCal file attachments and the non-standard appointment information text GroupWise inserts in the body of messages. Are you encountering problems with an iCal file attachment, or an email message containing the appointment information in the body?

    In either case, could you please email a copy of the iCal file/email message containing the example you mentioned to:


    and we’ll take a look.

    Advansys Support

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