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    I am trying to develop a link between Grouwise and our in-house Comms Log (where client communications are kept for each project).

    So far I have worked out how to create, partially populate and then display the email from my app (VB). A unique identifier is put in the email’s ViewName field so I can find it later.

    I then want to let my user finish the email and send it.

    I have a formative applet that is watching for events and detecting and reacting to the Send event is easy.

    My problem is with one of the other options the user might employ, i.e. Cancel the email completely.

    When you start a new email there is a Cancel button next to send. I can’t find an event that relates to this button therefore a user can abandon an email without my code ever knowing. Is there an event for this that I am missing? I can detect the Window being closed via the standard Windows X but not the Cancel button. The On Cancel event integration doesn’t seem to do anything even though it sounds favourite!



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    Thank you for your post above. Unfortunately GroupWise doesn’t provide us with a message-based ‘OnCancel’ event. The application level Cancel event you see refers to certain application level dialogs – not messages, unfortunately.

    Requests have been made to Novell to add such an API. Unfotunately, to date the feature has not been added.

    I’m sorry we could not provide a more positive response.


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    That’s a shame. Means I have to trust my users! Thanks for letting me know, at least I am now sure of what I can’t do!

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    You are welcome.

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