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    I need to be able to run an application from my applet. When the app runs it requires user input – so I need to know how to send a keystroke after it has run. Below is the code I have – which doesn’t allow me to send a keystroke:

    if not Groupwise.RunProgram (APPTORUN,Parameters) then
    Success= False
    Success= True
    end if

    Ideally – I want to run the app – and then send a single keystroke. Is there a way to do this with Shell instead?


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    Unfortunately, Formativ cannot currently send keystrokes to other processes. The shell method will not do this either. You may need to investigate utilities that wait for a given application to start, then send the appropriate keystrokes. Not having worked with a specific application, I am unable to recommend a particular utility.

    Advansys Support


    Take a look at MacroExpress 3 from Insight Software Solutions (http://www.wintools.com/); it has helped me automate a lot of windows tasks and it has a simple yet comprehensive programming interface.

    Support 1a

    Thank you for the information regarding the keystroke utility.

    Advansys Support

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