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    I installed a fresh install of Formativ runtime, opened GroupWise noting the applet integration, closed GroupWise and proceedes with the “add_signature” applet install.

    Upon completion, I loaded GroupWise but noticed the “Add signature” icon was not available in the html message view.

    The only way I’ve been able to successfully install and utilize the “add signature” applet is to install the express version of Formativ, then the “add signature” applet, and finally the runtime edition of Formativ.

    Possibly a bug in the new runtime version or something else?

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    Thank you for your query and feedback.

    We have just tried to replicate the problem you describe, by downloading and installing both Formativ Runtime and Add Signature. The solution works as expected – no problem whatsoever.

    I am referring to Formativ Runtime, version

    Could you describe the environment you had before installing the latest version of Runtime? That is, which edition (Runtime, Express) and version of Formativ were you using previously? Was Add Signature working prior to this installation?

    We look forward to hearing more from you.

    Advansys Support


    I had installed Runtime for the first time. There were no previous versions installed prior.

    I have attempted installation on another system in order to test the results. Like the other, this is an XP system without any previous installed versions of Formativ.

    I am running GroupWise 6.5.1. With the new install, I can see the Signature button however, When selecting Applets, Quick Config, it brings up the screen with nothing listed (No solutions found). I had installed the Groupwise “Add Signature” applet but I do not see it listed.

    When I open an html email and attempt to add a signature with the button, it erases the contents of the email and places the html signature in its place (rather than appending to the end). This seems odd to me as the other installation did not result in this anomaly.

    Support 1

    I do not know what is causing this strange behaviour.

    Could you send us your Formativ configuration? To do this, go to the Help menu on the GroupWise client, then select About Formativ… When the dialog appears, go to the Configuration tab, click the button Copy to clipboard then paste the text into your reply. We would prefer that you send an email to support@advansyscorp.com.

    Thanking you in advance,
    Advansys Support

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