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      We downloaded the Trial version of the software and used it on an Account. We liked the results and so have purchased the Full license. Now the Trial has timed-out. How can we use our Full license to access that Archive?

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        As the Trial version does not expire, it is assumed that you used the Archive To Go (A2G) beta version to produce the portable archive within which the viewer application has now timed out.

        To refresh the A2G Viewer and Indexer applications copied to an archive during the creation process, you need to update the applications within the _viewer subfolder on each media volume (i.e. media-nn_viewer).

        If you have the archive copied to CD, which is likely to be read-only, you can take the following steps.

        • Copy the CD contents [Archive A], keeping the folder structure, to local hard drive.
        • If you have not done so already, using the full version of Archive To Go, export another GroupWise account [Archive B]. You don’t need to export the full account, you can stop it shortly after commencement. The objective is just to get Archive To Go Creator to create the folder structure and provide the latest _viewer folder contents.
        • Replace the [Archive A]’s _viewer folder with the _viewer folder from [Archive B].
        • Test that you can access the updated [Archive A] by running the viewer.exe application from its media-01 folder. You can also start the viewer by running the a2goview.exe application from the media-01_viewer subfolder.
        • Assuming that the previous step is successful, you may also wish to rebuild the full text index by running the indexer application. Please see the Archive To Go Creator Manual for additional information.
        • Copy the updated [Archive A] to another CD.


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