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    I know a while back, in a beta version, you could archive a corrupt archive. But 1.5 doesn’t have that option. (at least I haven’t found it)
    So, is it possible to archive a GroupWise 7.0.2 archive?

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    We are not aware of any feature which existed to export a corrupted GroupWise personal archive. Unfortunately, if the GroupWise archive is corrupt, it is unlikely the GroupWise APIs we use would be able to access some or all of the archive. What we have continued to do since the inception of Archive To Go is to increase the robust nature of our use of the GroupWise APIs to try and cope with all known potential failure conditions due to corrupted data within the GroupWise data store, whether it is exported from the server, cache or personal archive.

    It depends on what type of corruption to which you are referring. There were some parameters introduced which tried to cope with inaccurate messages dates within an archive and you may be able to add a ‘start folder’ parameter to enable you to skip some folders which you know are causing problems during the export.

    Can you provide more information on what you are experiencing or trying to achieve for a particular GroupWise personal archive export?

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    Advansys Support

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