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    I am about to create an applet which makes it possible to format / change the input text of an email somehow automatically while the text is beeing typed. It shall trim lines after a specific length and replace line breaks in some way but that´s not really relevant now.

    The problem I have to handle is to find a way to execute this applet automatically while the user is typing in the emails body text window, like spell checking works for example and turns a word into red and underlined if it is not spelled correctly. Is there any way to get an applet to run this way, for example each time a specific key is pressed, e.g. space or enter? I would really appreciate some help Smile

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    Unfortunately no GroupWise events (e.g OnKeyPress) available to the 3rd party developer for the email body text window. You can try the OnSend event. Alternatively, you can write a custom application to monitor the key stroke of the email body.

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