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      I have Message Save Pack 1.0 and like the way it saves off to disk and the free viewer is good, except that I cannot, for some reason, get a good reply back from any valid searches when using the Mesaage Search function…
      thanks…steve j.

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        Thank you for your enquiry regarding Message Saver Pack. We value your feedback and will try to promptly resolve any problems.

        I am not sure what you mean by “valid searches.” Could you describe the search behaviour you have seen in more detail? Perhaps with some examples of search text, and the search results?

        Thanking you in advance,
        Advansys Support


          Sure… I look in the body of an email (or the subject line) and I perform a search for any “valid” text that I know is definitely there, and nothing comes back..ever… for any search that I perform. I am sure that I am not checking a box, or not doing something right, because it seems like it’s not “really” searching the emails in the directory specified. Thanks, and I’ll check back soon. P.S. No error msgs, just 1/10th of a sec search ,and the same blank menu screen shows, ready for another search…

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            Thank you for the additional details.

            I suspect the reason Message Search fails for you is to do with search options on the Date and/or Advanced tabs. The checked options on all tabs are applied during a search.

            I notice on the Advanced tab, the default Attributes are Archive and Directory. With Readonly unchecked, the search will exclude message files that are marked read-only, eg. on CD-ROM. So in this case, if the message(s) you are searching for are read-only files, Message Search will indicate nothing was found.

            Could you check the Readonly checkbox, and try again?

            It may be necessary to release a version update that avoids this problem in Message Search.

            I look forward to seeing your results.

            Advansys Support

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