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    My co-worker (since I’m the only one that seems to do any work–haha) just downloaded Archive To Go

    Created an Archive To Go set for DVD 1-Layer (4.5 GB). I think it created a set of files like 4300 in size.

    He opens Roxio and choses a DATA project and adds the “disc 1” folder and also chooses the Archive to Go Viewer.exe, a log file, and something else (it’s rather small).

    But Roxio insists the data is too big to be burned to DVD.

    Not sure if this is a Roxio problem or something funky when Archive to Go created the data set.

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    Thanks for your post. It sounds like your co-worker may be using the right approach which is outlined in the “Grouping Multiple Archive Volumes” section of the Archive To Go Creator manual. As we are not aware of other similar issues, it is very hard to pinpoint the problem without further information.

    Is it possible that the formatting selected or the raw size of the DVD is smaller than some other brands? If that is the case, the export would need to be done again and a custom size can be selected instead. We do not have a feature which can reorganize an exported archive into different media sizes.

    Unfortunately we are not familiar with Roxio.

    Kind Regards,

    Advansys Support

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