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    To add a further level of security, I’ve set up an applet to ask user aknowledgement before he can send a message; when the user click on the send button, a window appear, showing the most important informations and waiting for a confirm-to-send !

    It works fine when I’m composing a new item, but when I re-open and old item with attachments(ex. from draft folder), trying to a new attachment, the pop-up windows does not report the last modification I’ve done !

    Before sending I’d like to commit last changes !

    Using (GroupWise.ItemMessageIDFromView) I obtain ‘X00’ with a composing item, and another strange value, when the message comes from draft folder (an ID already assigned).

    Can I make changes to the item (with ID assigned before) and save this modifications before sending ? Is there any statement to save a modified item before sending !

    Your help will be appreciated !


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    Support 1a

    If you obtain a message with a message ID something other than ‘X00’, the message already exists in the message store. This will be the case with a message that has been saved to the work in progress folder. The ‘X00’ message ID is used for messages that are still being composed and do no yet exist in the message store.

    I would probably need to see you applet to provide a definitive answer (you could email it to support@advansyscorp.com). As a general rule, if you get a message ID other than ‘X00’, you can call GroupWise.Account.Refresh to ensure the API returns the most current version of your message. The message object also has a refresh method you can call to re-read the current values from the database.

    Advansys Support


    Is it possible to alter a draft msg and save it, before sending, using an applet ?
    Actually I’can’t find a different solution …


    Support 1a

    The following sample code saves the current draft message and cancels the current message view. Depending on the version of GroupWise being used, you may see the “Do you want to save your changes?” dialog. This has been fixed in GW6.02+:

    ' Save the message
      ' Disables the "Do you want to save your changes?" dialog when closing the view.
      ' Cancel the current view. 

    I hope this helps.

    Advansys Support


    It was the right way ….

    after saving the msg, I need to reopen it to extract the updated field !

    Thanks for suggestion !

    Support 1a

    No problems – thanks for the update.

    Advansys Support

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