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    When we use the find feature from an archive stored on the network we get an exception. Additional info
    Process id=0xb38(2872),Thread id=0xb3c(2876).
    I have applied topic starter Support 1a and also I have added an Archive To Go Code Group per documentation on page 38-40. This does not resolve. Same archive runs fine on local hard drive

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      Is IE7 installed on the workstation attempting to run Finder from the network?

      If so, the cause may be related to a change in a security level introduced by IE7. We found we had to change some advanced trust settings for the local Intranet zone in the Internet settings, otherwise we couldn’t run anything from the network without getting an ‘untrusted application’ warning. We had to add the file server path to the Advanced trust settings for the Intranet zone (i.e. file://servername). Some .NET applications would not run from the network until this security setting was changed on the workstation, even though the Windows .NET security Wizard was previously used to set full trust to the Intranet zone. There may be another way to achieve this outcome but we have not investigated further.


      Advansys Support


      Adding file://servername to the local intranet advanced settings did not help the problem

      Support 2

        At this stage we are not aware of any other causes for a problem which is network access specific.

        If we receive other suggestions from engineering, we will let you know.


        Greg Bell
        Advansys Support

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