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      We purchased the Archive To Go v1.2 product last November. We performed an archive and index successfully across 76 mailboxes. We are able to find e-mail messages meeting particular criteria via the FIND functionality across individual mailboxes, one at a time.

      Our needs have now refined since we created the archives, as follows:

      We need to search 170 different terms across each of these mailboxes, and export the results of these searches to be viewed via whatever method available (your viewer or by other means). Currently the only way that we can figure to do this is to open each archive, enter the first search term, open each resulting “hit”, forward as an attachment via e-mail, and copy that attachment to a directory for viewing with your free viewer. (we actually intercept the attachment before sending it out, copying it to a directory for viewing).
      However, 170 search terms across 76 mailboxes yields 12,920 unique searches that must be performed, making it extremely expensive to perform this search. (not withstanding the amount of time to export each of these hits to a folder).

      Is there a method by which I can either for one term across all 76 mailboxes and export the results for offline viewing?
      Or perhaps to run the list of search terms across all mailboxes, and export all of the hits at once?

      Is this possible with the newest version of the viewer, or will we have to purchase the new version of the Indexer, and re-run the Indexing procedure?
      We do not have physical access to the original GroupWise server, but could get access to it, if absolutely necessary to carry out the task.

      I have tried searching the online resources for this information, but am unable to find the answer there.
      Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter!

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        Thank you for your post and enquiry. While the underlying technologies used within Archive To Go will allow this functionality in a future release, our current versions do not offer search across multiple archives. This is on our enhancement list and, as it is a major development, we are targeting a 2.0 release which will not be until Q3 or Q4 this year.

        Another thought is that we are in the final development stages of HTML and PST converters, which will take an Archive To Go archive and convert it to HTML/separate attachments or Outlook PST format. This would only help in the interim if you have access to another search product that will index either HTML/file attachments or PST. If you wish to pursue this path, please send an email to support@advansyscorp.com.

        Kind regards,

        Advansys Support


          Thank you very much for the information. I do indeed have access to tools that will search as you describe. I have sent an e-mail to your support address and eagerly await your response. Thank you again!

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            We will communicate to you by direct email.

            Advansys Support

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