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    We are new at this.

    Just trying to find out how to display a Groupwise New Mail Dialog Box (called within Formativ) programatically within a .NET C# application.

    Do we need to use Formativ API? Do you have any sample simple C# code to do this? As well as the Formativ Language call to display the New Mail form?

    We want to be able to trigger the Groupwise Create New Mail Dialogue box to display from the C# Code (at the same time using a different From User, not the currently logged on Groupwise Client user).

    Upon sending the New Mail, we also want to be able to extract this current message as a MIME file (.EML), either within Formativ using Token API calls, or via C# Token API Calls (as long as Formativ passes the Message ID Back to C#).

    We also want to be able to Open an existing .EML File via Groupwise Form through Formativ call within C#, however, being able to control the access to the REPLY Button (i.e. allow Reply only for certain users.)

    The Reply will also be extracted as a .EML file which we will also be keeping track of in our C# application.

    If someone can point me to the right direction, it will be appreciated.

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    You can write an external COM capable application, say in VB, VBA, C++, C#, then call in Formativ. You can also call Formativ Applet from an external application using Formativ API.

    We have updated the feature topic which has sample C# code to use Formativ API.

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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