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    So this was a good idea: http://www.ostermanresearch.com/blog/2009/06/scourge-of-reply-all-button.html

    And you already have the Attachment Checker applet (BrainShare DH0340 Solution). Is there a GroupWise property that counts the quantity of recipients? Just like GroupWise.ItemAttachmentGetCount(MessageID) but for names in the To: field?

    I poked around the help text, but didn’t recognize if anything there was the right match.


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    I don’t think any Token API available to return recipients count. You can use Object API Recipients.Count for received or saved draft message.

    To get recipients count for draft message, you may need to get recipients list and count items. For example, code below return total recipients in TO field. You need to do the same for CC field.

      dim iToRecipients
      iToRecipients = groupwise.ItemGetText("X00", 0)
      if (len(iToRecipients) > 0) then
         recipientsArray = Split(iToRecipients, ";", -1, 1)
         msgbox ubound(recipientsArray) + 1
      end if

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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