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    In order to gather diagnostic information from the Applet, you will require a debug event viewer. If you do not already have one, We will suggest you download and install DebugView from http://www.sysinternals.com , and follow the steps set out below:

    1. Start DebugView and turn off capturing for Kernel events (if available).
    2. Add the following line to the Applet to print the debug trace to the attached debugger:
    Utilities.Trace(“Hello world.”)

    You can also add traces to entry and exit point of a method, print some values in a method which can help you to debug. Example:

    Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)
    Utilities.Trace("-> Main()")

    Utilities.Trace("-> Main() GWEvent: " & GWEvent)
    Utilities.Trace("-> Main() Account Name: " & Client.ClientState.CurrentAccount.owner.displayname)

    Utilities.Trace("<- Main()")
    End Sub

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