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    Does the saver pack allow for a message to be restored back into GroupWise if needed?

    The reason why I ask is that I would like it connected to the save draft option so that a backup is made to the local disk.

    As a wider question, is is possible for such modules to be coded as sub-routines that can be wrapped by other code. The Saver pack provides a very powerful way of saving messages but developers may like to use it in ways that you have not planned for.


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    The current version of Message Saver does not provide a Restore feature, for recreating a saved message in GroupWise.

    As a self-contained proprietary solution, Message Saver cannot be ‘plugged in’ as a software component or subroutine. However, it is certainly possible to adapt the solution.

    If you are interested in adapting Message Saver yourself, the source code is available for purchase. To this end, please send an email to sales@advansyscorp.com so that we can negotiate outside of this forum.

    I hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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