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    When trying to save multiple emails at once, we occasioanlly get the error “unable to save attachment.” For example, one of my cabinets had 157 emails. When attempting to save message 136, that error comes up and proceeds to exit from the saving dialog after clicking “ok” for the popup. So 136 of my 157 messages are saved and I have to re run a save for the remainder, less the email in question. Other employees have this issue and do the same. In my case, the atachments are usually PDFs that otherwise work fine. IS there a patch or something to resolve this issue? What kind of limitaions does Formativ Message Saver 1.3.1 have regarding attachment saving? Please respond.

    Formative Runtime: v2.0
    Message Saver: v1.3.1

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    Thank you for your enquiry.

    The issue that you describe is addressed in the current release, Message Saver 2.0. You can review the features of this product at:


    This issue is also addressed in the latest version of Message Saver 1.3x. An email has been sent to you with information on how to obtain this version.

    Advansys Support

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