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    Is it possible to search an archive for multiple terms in a single search?

    Example 1: David Peter Mary
    Example 2: David OR Peter OR Mary

    What would be the best way to search 15 individual archives using approximately 20 different search terms?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks for your question.

    Yes, you can search an archive for multiple terms.

    By default the results will be limited to all search terms, so with Example 1 only items containing all three terms will be listed. This is the same as entering any of the following:

    • David AND Peter AND Mary
    • +David +Peter +Mary

    With Example 2 the results will include items containing any of the three search terms.

    You can find detailed information about search terms on page 21 of the Viewer manual for Archive To Go 2.x.

    At present it is not possible to search across multiple individual archives. To search the 15 archives you will need to view each one in turn, start Finder, then enter the 20 terms to search the archive. You may find it faster to use File Explorer to navigate into the _viewer folder of each archive and start a2gofinder.exe directly.

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    Thanks for the response but I’m getting unexpected results. I would assume that if I search for A, then search for B, then C that the results would equal a search for A OR B OR C.

    Below are the terms and the result counts.

    Term Hits

    Kora 186

    NEC 140

    Easwik 676

    Part CRA 605

    Employee 807

    1735 486

    ARD 176

    WSA 4621

    46018 0

    1205 16

    Total: 7713

    But when I do the search using the OR operator, the results total 21869.

    The archives were created using version 1.5. Any help or explanation would be appreciated.

    Thanks again

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    From Apache Lucene – Query Parser Syntax…


    The OR operator is the default conjunction operator. This means that if there is no Boolean operator between two terms, the OR operator is used. The OR operator links two terms and finds a matching document if either of the terms exist in a document. This is equivalent to a union using sets. The symbol || can be used in place of the word OR.

    We have done following test to an archive:

    • formativ (41 hits)
    • novell (40 hits)
    • formativ OR novell (55 hits)

    The hits count show 55 for “formativ OR novell”, because there are some documents which contains both these terms.

    Can you reproduce the behaviour with few terms or another archive?

    If you want then you can re-create the index for the archive. You will need to delete all “_index” folder which you will find in media-xx folder (for example, C:tempbsmith Archivemedia-01_index), then start the Finder from the Archive To Go viewer to re-create the index.

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