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    On ADVANSYS web I found, in the EXAMPLES section, this statement:

    “Disable/Enable GroupWise Features”

    “This applet demonstrates how you can disable most GroupWise features using an applet. For example, you can turn off the signature editing facility in GroupWise options so that users cannot modify their signature once setup.”

    Where can I find any info about that ?
    Can I develope custom applet to manage features activation/deactivation ? (for example: define corporate rules to forward email & after setup disabling rules management)

    Thanks in advance,

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    Support 1a

    More information can be found in the Language Guide. Search for ‘DisableCommand’. This command disables a GroupWise command within the GroupWise client. The command to be disabled is specified by a valid GroupWise Token ID passed in as the ID parameter. This command can be used within an applet to alter GroupWise client functionality available to a user.

    You need to pass any valid token ID to this command. Token ID’s are numbers representing functions or features in GroupWise. A full list of these command ID can be found at the following link:

    Novell GroupWise Token Reference

    Not all GroupWise features can be disabled, but many can, so you will have to experiment to see if the command you want to disable works. This coammand can certainly be used to acheive the type of functionality you mention.

    Advansys Support


    It was great !!!

    But the question is:

    How many event are available in Formativ properties, except client startup & mail arrival ?

    Can I trigger any applet on custom event ?


    Support 1a

    There is a wide range of events you are able to associate applets with. Most of the events of interest are those associated with the GroupWise message contexts, such as ‘Mail’ and ‘Appointments’. For example, Formativ lets you associate an applet with the ‘On Send’ event of all message types, giving you the capability to write applets that perform some action prior to a message being sent.

    Have a look at the Programmers Guide. It contains a topic entitled ‘Integrating Applets with the GroupWise Client’ that should answer most of your questions.

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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