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    My organization is decommissioning eDirectory, so we have pushed out the registry keys via ZENworks to configure Formativ to not attempt to contact eDirectory for the library and applets within. But on some machines, when I exit the GroupWise Windows Client, the Formativ system tray applet remains, and never leaves until I reboot the PC. If I don’t reboot the PC, GroupWise won’t again load, because it appears to think it is still shutting down.

    Is there a way to check if Formativ is still trying to contact eDirectory?

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    Hi, thank you for the issue report.

    This is not an issue we’ve come across previously and don’t have an idea of the cause, particularly as it works on some workstations and not on others within your environment. There is no known way to check if Formativ is still trying to contact eDirectory in the context you mention, apart from having a look for clues in the Formativ Config information (GroupWise Help | About Formativ – Configuration Tab).

    Is it possible some registry entries were not written correctly or the same between all workstations? Could it be related to different anti-virus behavior on the workstations which hang? These are simply brainstorming suggestions.

    Feel free to send a copy of the Formativ Configuration from a working workstation and one which hangs to support(AT)advansyscorp.com.

    Kind Regards,

    Advansys Support


    It looks like I mis-spoke. It’s not “some” machines, it’s all of them. I will send configuration files to the support email address.

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