OK, you’re right with personal or shared addressbook like “test”

But, for my topic, i’d try with system addressbook ( Set ADSysBook = MyAccount.SystemAddressBook )

I know Novell documentation tell us we could only used First Name and Last Name for .find method but with 6.5.4 you could also used <E-Mail Address> and treatement seems to be different with 6.5.5 and later.

Also, strange
iFilterSyntax = “(<E-Mail address> CONTAINS “”” &Groupwise.EnvUserID()& “””)”
set Results = ADSysBook.addressbookentries.find(iFilterSyntax)
works and Results.item(1) is right, …

even “Groupwise.EnvUserID” return a string with is not contain in any E-Mail address Eek
In my case
Groupwise.EnvUserID returns “lp_irovetz” and the eMail is “lp.irovetz@arcane-inf.com”

Perhaps a clue
The email is created through C1 with replacing the address format IDUser@internetdomain name by my own format name
It seems “SystemAddressBook.find” continue to search by one prefered address format Confused