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    Hi Advansys Team,

    Do you know if there is a difference between client 6.5.4 and (6.5.6 or 6.5.7) in addressbook.find method

    My problem is that code.

    iFilterSyntax = “(<Adresse électronique> CONTAINS “”” &MyAccount.owner.EMailAddress& “””)”
    set Results = ADSysBook.addressbookentries.find(iFilterSyntax)

    Results is good with client 6.5.4 Results.item(1) contains right entry

    Results is Nothing with 6.5.6 and 6.5.7

    Strange isn’t it ! Confused

    Work around could help me, thanks Frown


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    The following sample code works fine in GroupWise 6.5.6 (build: 1/02/2006). Can you reproduce the same behaviour in another account?

    set oBook = GroupWise.Account.AddressBooks.item("Test")
    iFilterSyntax = "(<E-Mail Address> CONTAINS """ & GroupWise.account.owner.emailaddress & """)"
    set oResults = oBook.addressbookentries.find(iFilterSyntax)
    for each oEntry in oResults
      msgbox oEntry.displayname
    set oEntry = nothing
    set oBook = nothing
    set oResults = nothing

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    OK, you’re right with personal or shared addressbook like “test”

    But, for my topic, i’d try with system addressbook ( Set ADSysBook = MyAccount.SystemAddressBook )

    I know Novell documentation tell us we could only used First Name and Last Name for .find method but with 6.5.4 you could also used <E-Mail Address> and treatement seems to be different with 6.5.5 and later.

    Also, strange
    iFilterSyntax = “(<E-Mail address> CONTAINS “”” &Groupwise.EnvUserID()& “””)”
    set Results = ADSysBook.addressbookentries.find(iFilterSyntax)
    works and Results.item(1) is right, …

    even “Groupwise.EnvUserID” return a string with is not contain in any E-Mail address Eek
    In my case
    Groupwise.EnvUserID returns “lp_irovetz” and the eMail is “lp.irovetz@arcane-inf.com”

    Perhaps a clue
    The email is created through C1 with replacing the address format IDUser@internetdomain name by my own format name
    It seems “SystemAddressBook.find” continue to search by one prefered address format Confused


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    You can iterate thought System AB entries collection to find the email address. Not very efficient but this is only option available.

    Depend on the nature of your application, you can also cache System AB entries information (i.e Name, email address, address, etc) into XML then use the XPath to find data in XML.

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support


    Stop research Smile

    From Novell Forum


    >>I tried verifying what you saw with both GW 6.5.4 and with later versions. I agree with you. I know that >>there are similar defects already submitted to engineering with regard to searches using the Email Address >>and Name properties, but since we can verify it was working in GW 6.5.4 that may up the priority to get this >>issue fixed in current versions. I also note it isn’t working in GW 7 SP1. I therefore created Defect >>#205166 and submitted it to CPR this morning. Hopefully they can get this issue taken care of soon.

    >>Thanks for bringing up this issue

    >>Novell Developer Services

    I’ll report any news about this defect to Advansys community

    L.P. Irovetz
    ARCANE GroupWare

    Support 1


    Thank you for passing on Glade’s information.

    Advansys Support

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