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      We are currently evaluating formativ, and I see it can read from eDirectory. I also see that there is a solution that can export a list of what you have proxy rights to, and what those rights are.

      We are pretty much brand new to formativ, so I appologize if this is covered somewhere and I have missed it. Is it possible for Formativ to read from the GroupWise domain database?

      One solution we would like to have, if possible and we decide to purchase Formativ, is the ability to check post office security, to make sure none get left at lowered.

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        What kind of information would you like to read ?
        Many of them could be access by Object API throught Formativ.


        L.P. Irovetz
        ARCANE GroupWare


          The main item we would like to read right now is just Security Level for each of our (many many) post offices. We’ve had cases of this getting set to low to ‘break in’ to a mailbox, and then being forgotten for awhile. We’d like to be able to just run a report that can check for this on each PO.


            In this case you need to read directly in NDS.
            There is a advansys exemple witch show you how to read user informations from GW with Formativ
            PO is an object like the other, in NDS point of view Wink

            Warning. If you could read, i think you couldn’t set something.
            The only way i found to create GW external User directly from Formativ was to call a VB applet.

            you say many, how much ?? 10,100, + ? Just professional curiosity Big Grin


              The question is if these settings are exposed to the Admin API, if so you will no problem checking for this.
              Check the novell docu here:
              But I think in your case, with putting down Formativ I think you’re better of checking the XML parameters over the HTTP interface of the POA.
              A product which does something like that is called Redline 2.5 !
              It will read and document all posible Groupwise settings and alarm or report on it.
              BUT there are NO programming capabilities like in Formativ.


                oops found it: Roll Eyes
                here you can check the PO-security level, it’s called: DefaultSecurityLevel
                So Formativ can do what you want. Smile


                  Marc/lp_irovetz – I appreciate all the info… it certainly gives me some good places to reference for the project evaluation. I hadn’t thought of parsing through the web interface (as we currently don’t use it .. it’s on the todo to look at.)

                  Redline sounds promising as well.

                  lp – We’re near the 100 mark for post offices. We’ve got a lot of branch offices and links used to be far less stable they are now. We’ve been debating about consolidating but it’s nice for users to be able to use the GroupWise client even if the link is down (Caching isn’t an option because users float between machines.)

                  Support 1a

                    Marc/LP – thanks for the input.

                    Advansys Support

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