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      Are there any known issues with the portal applet and firefox? I installed the applet, and pointed the portal to an internal web server. I get an hourglass and eventually, I have to end task on Groupwise.

      Client: GroupWise 7
      Post Office: GroupWise 7 on SLES 9


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        There is no issue with Firefox because, like the GroupWise Windows Client, Advansys Formativ Portals use the Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX control.

        The problem you are experiencing is a known incompatibility between the Formativ Portal technology and the GroupWise 7 Windows client, which introduced a new multi-pane interface. This issue is currently being addressed by engineering and we should have a beta update available late next week.

        More information at: http://www.advansyscorp.com/formativ_groupwise_7.htm


        Advansys Support

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