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      Hi Advansys Team

      I’d like to trap the popup move or copy action in calendar. How to do that ? What’s the C3PO event ?

      For my goal
      – I create a appointment from a user with a special mailbox
      With my applet, i log in this mailmox (trusted apps) and i accept the appointment
      Another applet make a find in this mailbox and show the appointment. No problems here

      When i go to calendar, GroupWise popup on this appointment permit to copy or move it to another date.
      And i don’t won’t it!!! Because, like this the new appintment in the special mailbox isn’t accept and i couldn’t find it. In add, the first creation add informations in MySql base, if i could change appointment date, these informations will be unusable.

      Any idea !!!

      L.P. Irovetz
      ARCANE GroupWare

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