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    hi, Perhaps am i tired or stupid but … How do that ?

    I’d like to find a document by its number and modify, for instance, its author and subject.

    The query process is not clear but i found how.
    But whan i want to modify a propertie => Error

    Help !!!!!!!

    ‘Here is my code
    ‘=== query process with wait for completed
    Set Result = qwnew.QueryMessages
    Set DocNew = Result.item(1)

    call DocNew.documentversion.CheckOut(Path)

    ‘Prise en compte des infos du dossier
    ‘L’adresse de l’Auteur : frmdocs.nccRecipient.EmailAddress(0)
    set DocNew.Document.author.EmailAddress = frmdocs.nccRecipient.EmailAddress(0)

    ‘L’objet du document = frmdocs.txtObj.Text
    If frmdocs.txtObj.Text = “” Then
    frmdocs.txtObj.Text = “-” ‘Nécessaire pour Word, l’objet ne doit pas être vide
    end if

    Set DocNew.Subject = frmdocs.txtObj.Text

    ‘On le re-intègre
    call DocNew.documentversion.CheckIn(Path)

    Thank for your help

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    Big Grin Well, i was tired !

    First, we don’t need
    call DocNew.documentversion.CheckOut(Path)
    call DocNew.documentversion.CheckIn(Path)

    For subject
    DocNew.Document.Subject = frmdocs.txtObj.Text
    works better

    I had found for fields, now i tried for the Author
    Any idea ???

    Support 1a

    We may be able to assist if you send a working (as a far as possible) sample applet to support@advansyscorp.com.

    As you are using the native Object API here, you could also ask over in Novell’s Object Usenet forum.


    Advansys Support

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