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    Hi all!

    Recently bought Runtime and using Advansys Publish DL. Works like a charm but it does not export all the memberships in DL. ConsoleOne shows all memberships but export tool only exports GroupWise entities and not MS Exchange references. Please help.

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    We haven’t had any reports about this issue. This solution uses the GroupWise Admin API to access the members within a distribution list. For some reason the Admin API is only returning the GroupWise entities in your system. We don’t have MS Exchange in house so we are unable to test this behaviour.

    We don’t formally support the Cool Solution applets. However, as this solution is provided as open source to the community, if you have programming skills in-house then you can modify the solution. You will need to install Formativ Creator or Studio to modify the source. Once you install Formativ Creator or Studio, execute the Publish Distribution List installer to install the open source version. Please let us know about your progress. If you are able to modify the source then please send us the updated version so that we can publish it back to the community.

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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