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      Hi advansys team,

      Here is a piece of my code

      ‘Library is one of my Library, not just Account.DefaultDocumentLibrary

      for i = 1 to Library.FieldDefinitions.count
      set champs = Library.FieldDefinitions.item(i)
      msgbox champs.fieldID
      if (champs.name = “Classement”) then
      ClassFieldNum = i
      end if

      I found two problems with it

      First is on ‘msgbox champs.fieldID’
      Formativ return an error “Not implemented yet” (translate from French)
      Any other properties exept ‘name’ return the same error Frown

      Second is that
      ‘champs.name’ return ‘ghost’ value.
      Sometime, it’s another library.FieldDefinitions.name, sometime it’s an older one (even deleted throught C1)

      Help needed Smile

      L.P. Irovetz
      Arcane GroupWare

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        The error “Not yet implemented” comes from GroupWise (the ObjectAPI to be precise) – Formativ simply captures and displays the error.

        I am not sure why you are seeing this error. According to the online documentation of FieldDefinition, FieldID is available in “GroupWise 5.5 and later”.

        Have you tried to call the following method – before enumerating the library field definitions?


        You may find the answer to this error, and the strange ‘ghost’ and ‘old’ names among the support options offered by Novell.

        I hope this helps.

        Advansys Support

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