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    Hi, DMS is a great tool but sometime … grrrr Mad

    Take this piece of code

    lgn = 0
    For Each Library in DocumentLibs

    Redim preserve TabLibID (lgn+1)
    Redim preserve TabLibDesc (lgn+1)
    Redim preserve TabLibName (lgn+1)

    on error resume next
    TabLibID(lgn) = Library.LibraryID
    TabLibDesc(lgn) = Library.description
    TabLibName(lgn) = Library.Name
    on error goto 0

    Call frmdocs.LBib.Items.Add (TabLibDesc(lgn))
    lgn = lgn + 1


    and used it on 2 libraries
    In Console one, name of Lib A is “Toto” and NDS Name “GW_PO_Toto”
    In Console one, name of lib B is “Novell” and NDS Name “GW_PO_Novell”

    If you put Lib A as your default library you receveive for Library.Name
    Lib A => “GW_PO_Toto”
    Lib B => “Novell”

    If you change your default library to Lib B you receveive in Library.Name
    Lib A => “Toto”
    Lib B => “GW_PO_Novell”
    Confused Confused

    Strange, the property seems to have diferent value function of default library
    Perhaps logical if the “Default” was in Library object but it’s a property of …. Account object

    Is there someone could explain this hidden purpose ??????????

    (I’d try with 5 libs in 5 Po, same phenomena)

    L.P. Irovetz

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    Support 1a

    Hi L.P,

    This sounds like it might be a bug in Novell’s Object API. You may want to report it to Novell via the Developernet Support Forum.

    Advansys Support.

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